New cutting technology

State-of-the-art cutting technology: high-precision and dust-free

Our innovative cutting technology allows us to cut cores to lengths of up to 2.50 metres with high precision. The cut ends are completely dust-free and smoothly rounded at the inner edges. At Paul & Co in Wildflecken, we can cut lengths of up to 3.80 metres.

Our cores are ideally suited for use in cleanroom environments. Hygiene is our top priority. Thus we have eliminated any chance of dust forming at the inner edge of the core when it is pushed onto the winding shaft. An improvement that is particularly effective when using our cores with finished surface as they are almost completely dust-free.


We offer you optimal spirally wound cores for PE or PP films or foils and coated papers. We fulfil your requirements with our spirally wound cores with a smooth surface without winding gap. In the GUP version we supply the spirally wound cores to you with release-coated surface as well.

Your benefits:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Optimum price-performance ratio

Are you looking for paper cores with a seamless and smooth surface for polyester or copper foils or for use in clean rooms? Then go to the area "smooth, refined, pristine" at Paul & Co.

HGG cores

Our spiral cores HGG, with a seamless smooth surface and a surface waviness of < 50 microns are just the thing for sensitive PP, PVC and PET films, composites and metal foils. They minimise markings on the rolled material and thus prevent unnecessary waste. 


NG cores

Our spiral cores type NG  fulfil the extreme requirements of highly delicate polyester, polyamide and copper foils, making them perfect for all manner of applications in the electronics industry.

These cores are release coated and convince with an outstanding geometry and excellent concentricity characteristics. This makes them a perfect and  environment-friendly alternative to high-grade cores made of plastic, synthetic resin, or fibre-glass reinforced plastic.

The core surface is characterised by a waviness of < 25 microns  and the roughness is < 2.5 microns, making these cores ideal for winding films and foils with a thickness of up to 20 microns.