Paper cores with PE, cellulose film or silicone surface

Do you want totally release-coated paper cores? Would you like paper cores with a surface, which allows a residue-free unwinding of the most varied films and foils and adhesive tapes? Our paper cores with PE, cellulose film or silicone surface are exactly right for you.

Your benefits:

  • Residue-free unwinding
  • Total tape release


Are you looking for paper cores that are suitable for start-up winding of thin foils? Use our B1 paper core. What is special about this spirally wound core? It is conditionally release-coated and has a water-repellent surface.

Your benefits:

  • Conditional tape release
  • Water-repellent surface

The Lotos Core:
Excellent release effect guaranteed

With our Lotos core, we have developed a surface finish which has an excellent release effect and is water-repellent at the same time. Our Lotos core also allows perfect adhesion of the most demanding adhesive films at start-up winding and residue-free unwinding.






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Agricultural stretch films

What is special about our paper cores for agricultural stretch films? They are not only water-repellent, they are also made entirely from renewable raw materials. In addition, our paper cores for agricultural stretch films are available in various designs and dimensions.

Your benefits:

  • Specific types and dimensions available
  • Environmentally friendly recyclable