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Paul & Co at FachPack 2019. Developing the future.


FachPack 2019

That's the slogan with which Paul & Co presented itself at the FachPack 2019 trade fair. A steady stream of visitors at our exhibition booth confirmed the attractiveness of the company's future-oriented concept. Paul & Co showcased its global networking of production and sales on a large display projection. A pneumatic paternoster elevator for paper cores was specially designed and constructed for the FachPack in order to realistically present the latest product innovations for processes in the paper, foil and film, and hygiene products industries.

Our strategy for the future is to invest in our own core competencies
 As the foremost manufacturer in our field, we've invested considerable sums in order to modernise our fifteen plants in Europe and Asia, to develop new products and technologies, and to deepen the expertise of our employees. In such dynamic times, all of these activities are important to ensure our company's continued success in the years to come.

At the trade fair, Paul & Co delivered an impressive demonstration of its high performance, innovation power, and supply reliability to a highly interested specialist audience. "We consider new technologies to afford opportunities and fascinating prospects for improving the experience of using our services. The investments and infrastructural improvements that we've already made serve to more accurately map the processes and requirements of our customers," said Manfred Kunert, managing partner of Paul & Co. "Growth and innovation are made possible when courage, good instincts, and a certain measure of business acumen come together in just the right way. This allows us to continually unlock new potential for ourselves and for the coming generations."

As a producer of paper cores, edge protectors and core board, our product portfolio is highly diversified and individually customised  to meet any customer need. The consistency and high quality of our products is safeguarded by the company's own paper mills, while our sophisticated supply chain management guarantees smooth operation for every interface in the chain and for the logistics of delivering to our customers.

Always one step ahead
 Our paper core specialists have set a new gold standard with the introduction of the “Active Hygiene Core”: a completely new type of paper core  for winding sensitive materials for the pharmaceutical, medical, and food industries. Thanks to its actively anti-bacterial surface treatment, this core not only resists bacterial contamination, but even actively eliminates it on contact.

The ClimateCore for winter duty
 After months of testing at the plant of DS Smith in Aschaffenburg, Germany, over the previous winter, our climate-proof ClimateCore successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of its special functional coating. As a result, bent cores are a thing of the past for this manufacturer of test liners and corrugating medium. The ClimateCore is the result of meticulous research and development, which was initiated by the development department at Paul & Co after cores were observed to bend due to humidity differences. With an innovative barrier coating, the ClimateCore lets paper manufacturers breathe easy.

No-can-do just won't do. Product innovation with adhesive
 Our surface treatment specialists took it upon themselves to develop a stretch film core with a self-adhesive surface that would accommodate fully automated roll changing even at maximum speed. The self-adhesive stretch film core with a partial coating of adhesive drew a fair amount of attention from the stretch film manufacturers in attendance at the FachPack.
 "Our research and development is guided by the needs of the market, not simply by the need to innovate," said Manfred Kunert. "In our self-adhesive stretch film core, we've developed a product that entirely meets the requirements of our customers' high-performance processes at pricing that is nevertheless very attractive."
 These cores were developed and extensively field-tested in cooperation with DUO PLAST AG.

Discussions with experts at the trade fair booth
 The FachPack 2019 was an unqualified success for Paul & Co, with more visitors and many international guests stopping by our booth. As experts on paper cores, edge protectors and core board, we were consulted at the fair by numerous industry specialists. The experts were impressed not only with the variety, quality and characteristics of our products – which can be custom-tailored to suit any customer requirement with regard to accuracy, roundness, strength, finishing and surface treatment – but also with our comprehensive expertise and our customer focus.


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