Paper cores play an important part in automated production and processing Perfect interplay between the core the winding technology the machine settings and the goods to be wound is required for the winding processes to run smoothly Not only the correct choice of paper core for the par ticular application is important it s also crit ical that the ends of the core are cut cleanly precisely and dust free That s what it takes to satisfy hygienic requirements eliminate sources of faults in the winding process and guarantee high efficiency and short cycle times At Paul Co cutting technology is integrated into the workflow putting the perfect finish on the completed product A competence that we are happy to share with our customers For this reason we have built a new cutting centre at our main location in Wildflecken equipped with various cutting systems from our partner Eberlé S A S says Christoph Schmitt Head of Research Development at Paul Co In workshops and individual consulting ses sions these paper core experts provide train ing in how to choose the right cutting machine and make a perfect cut Customers can test how well the various cutting machines work on their cores This provides valuable information about the right cutting machine and settings for the job Customers can also find out about the critical role that the correct choice of blade or cutting mandrel and of rotation speed plays in making a dust free precise and efficient cut to a certain length We cut many thousands of cores each day says Christoph Schmitt We use the cutting centre to let our partners profit from our experience early and fully THE NEW CUTTING CENTRE FROM THE FACTORIES I PAUL CO THE CUTTING CENTRE 64

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