62 out of nothing A new modern facility for producing edge protector products has also been brought online This new facility for manufacturing surface refined cores joins our main plant in Wildflecken and our plant in Jakarta Indonesia in serving the market for cores for extremely delicate film and foil products Years of experience painstaking care and modern process management are The Halaspack plant located in Kiskun halas Hungary promises to play an ever greater role in the international market for paper cores As a result of sub stantial investments by the Kunert Group in only two years a completely new production line for manufacturing high quality paper cores for the nascent Hungarian and Polish plastic foil industry has been conjured up HALASPACK A CENTRE OF EXPERTISE A HUB FOR THE EASTERN EUROPEAN MARKET FOR SURFACE REFINED CORES FROM THE FACTORIES I HALASPACK Very fine films and foils with only a few micrometres thickness are extremely delicate and expensive Thus the paper core plays all the more important a role in processing Surface refined cores fulfil all the criteria necessary for a smooth running efficient winding process quality tested for waviness and roughness outstanding roundness and straightness characteristics dust free paper cores in cleanroom quality no spiral shaped impressions remain on the wound goods even when winding very thin films and foils

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