E commerce Convenience meets sustainability A lot of effort has gone into rethinking pack aging for commercial shipping to make it better for the customer and for the environ ment For example tear strips obviate the need for knives or box cutters which always pose risks to their users and the products easy to see if the packaging has been tampered with conserves resources through the omission of an adhesive strip thus saving plastic and silicone paper 100 recyclable mono material packaging low price per unit BENEFITS KUNERT WELLPAPPE I E COMMERCE KuSafe Security meets environment protection One speciality in the e commerce portfolio of Kunert Wellpappe is the new anti theft pro tection packaging KuSafe This new product is intended to address the growing need for secure solutions for e commerce An inno vative tucked in flap closure makes it easy for the receiver to recognise whether the package was tampered with or opened dur ing transport In addition the absence of an adhesive strip means no adhesive or silicone foil is needed Adhesive strips make closing and re closing the package easier in cases where a pro duct needs to be returned The use of addi tional packing tape is almost superfluous An adhesive strip allows a box to be closed quickly conveniently and without the use of extra materials which is good for the environment With a tear strip packaging is a breeze to open even without box cutters scissors or similar That makes it safer for the goods and for the receiver 52

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