42 KUNERT WELLPAPPE I DEVELOPMENT PARTNER THE COST OF THE KuFrame AMOUNTS TO 1 3 OF THE PRICE OF A CON VENTIONAL WOODEN PALLET FRAME 1 WOODEN PALLET FRAME WEIGHS 9 5 KG 1 KuFrame WEIGHS 1 9 KG But also very important is its low weight 80 Consisting entirely of paper the KuFrame is a lightweight easy to handle and cheap to produce and transport NC Sure One very special product of our development work is KuFrame With it we managed to replace the conven tional wooden pallet frame This case was somewhat unusual in that we weren t being creative by order of a customer Instead we saw a demand in the market and developed the KuFrame on our own initiative The invest ment was considerable But the market s response is so good that the risk has paid off What are the benefits of KuFrame NC Well the most obvious benefit is its low cost This means you ll be transporting far more product and much less packaging This makes KuFrame an example of pack aging with a positive impact throughout the logistics chain Are there any customers who are already working with KuFrame NC Yes A leading manufacturer of hydraulic drive and control technology with sales worldwide has already been working with KuFrame for some time at a profit What are you working on currently NC That s for me to know and you to find out We have a few products both in our portfolio and in the pipeline that relate to the topic of substitution But what we re always working on is this We want to be the first ones to call when you need to develop a new custom packaging solution We believe that with creativity expertise and service we can make it happen

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