41 established in B2C sales Customers appreciate products more and are often even willing to pay more when they come in packaging that provides added value and looks fantastic Now the B2B segment is beginning to put greater focus on the look and feel of packaging too The packaging is the first thing the customer sees of the product Or to put it in the terms of the marketing experts It s the first touchpoint on the customer journey Attractive high quality packaging providing added value maybe or a special unboxing experience makes a good first impression Are there any other industry trends NC In my view SUBSTITUTION is the big trend in the industry both for ecological and economical reasons Could you explain what the term means NC Substitution means replacing certain materials used in conventional packaging most notably plastics and wood What are the arguments for doing so NC Like I said for one it s about ecological benefits By replacing plastics and wood with paper or corrugated cardboard we can conserve natural resources and contribute to a circular economy Aside from the eco logical aspect substituting paper for plastics and wood provides a host of other benefits throughout the entire logistics chain the price of the packaging is lower the shipping weight is reduced less space is required the packaging can be printed on perfect for tracking and tracing purposes the risk of injury is reduced handling is easier permitting better ergonomics and workplace safety The need for substitutes is due partly to the fact that the availability of wood is often limited Can you tell us about an example from your development work at Kunert Wellpappe where you successfully substituted materials Our development team creative competent and close to the customer

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