36 THE SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE A current topic being discussed in many companies is the use of sustainable pack aging and load securing materials A card board edge protector can make a small but important contribution here The angular edge protector from Paul Co is 100 recyclable and therefore easy to dispose of wherever paper is recycled This sustainable Some 70 of all goods are transported through the country on lorries Correct securing of transported goods such as against slipping and damage in transit plays an important role in the transport of goods A large part of this damage can be avoided through proper packaging and securing of loads Strapping or stretching is often not sufficient for protecting frail goods on their sensitive sides or surfaces PAUL CO I ROCK SOLID Quality ANGULAR EDGE PROTECTOR Lower weight smaller storage footprint lower costs Standard version VS Example dimensions 35 35 mm length 1 000 mm Rock Solid 2 3 mm wall thickness vs standard 3 0 mm wall thickness 7 560 pcs on a single pallet 11 3 kg per 100 pcs 6 048 pcs on a single pallet 12 6 kg per 100 pcs ROCK SOLID

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