19 Scope 1 includes all direct greenhouse gas emissions from own operations Greenhouse gas emissions pursuant to the Greenhouse Gas GHG Protocol Scope 2 also includes indirect green house gas emissions from energy Scope 3 also incorporates indirect greenhouse gas emissions from the supply chain 2 How is that possible We would be happy to provide you with a detailed answer on pages 34 and 35 1 000 to 100 When you compare different paper cores that achieve the same strength value despite different wall thicknesses 2 calculation of the CO2 footprint provides surprising insights Even with a delivery distance of 1 000 km a paper core measuring 153 x 10 x 3 000 mm wound from high quality core board quality P50 has a lower CO2 footprint than a paper core measuring 153 x 15 x 3 000 mm from the simplest core board that only needs to cover a delivery distance of 100 km This is a clear argument for reducing wall thickness by using core board of better quality

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