18 1 The CO2 footprint of the ABS core is based on ABS figures provided by Plastics Europe and can be quite a bit greater depending on the origin of the raw ma terial Return transport of the plastic core for reuse is also not yet taken into account in this calculation SUSTAINABILITY I CO2 FOOTPRINT is the number of additional times you would have to use an ABS plastic core to achieve a lower CO2 footprint than our PGG P2000 type paper core If you compare the plastic core with a paper core of the Novum type the plastic core would need to be used 8 x more Taking all three scopes into account the CO2 footprint of the ABS plastic core is 628 1 kg CO2e while our paper core of type PGG P2000 has a value of just 26 38 kg CO2e With plastic cores the negative impact particularly comes from granulate production and problematic disposal These two stages of the life cycle together account for almost 95 of the total CO2 footprint 1 CO2 FOOTPRINT OF Soon you will be able to use our app to calculate the CO2 footprints of various Paul Co paper cores Until then we would like to provide you with some amazing figures that will guide you in finding answers to sustainability questions PAPER CORES MINI FOOTPRINTS FOR MAXIMUM SUSTAINABILITY 24

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