KU NE RT LO OK PA GE 50 03 PA UL IN TE RN AL Our fire department has a single mission to be there when they re needed It s a good and comforting thing to know especially for a paper processing company TENDENCY TOWARD GROWTH Our crew currently consists of 40 fire services personnel including 17 with respiratory protection equipment The interest amongst our employees is strong and we re always happy to have more of them join our emergency unit Every member of our fire department is required to participate in regular drills and training sessions Our training regimen maintains and reinforces their abilities including regular training sessions with new equipment This is particularly important in light of the fact that new technical developments are coming all the time You can t take the correct action during an emergency operation unless you know how to use them READY FOR ACTION THE WILDFLECKEN PLANT FIRE BRIGADE A STRONG TEAM THE WILDFLECKEN PLANT FIRE BRIGADE A FULLY EQUIPPED CREW OF 40

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