BUSINESS ACCELERATION Faster faster faster it s our ambition too That s why we ve developed various types of self sticking stretch film cores for our custo mers With their help the processes of fully automated winding of stretch films can be efficiently accelerated FLIGHT 2025 ON THE WAY WITH FRIENDS Aside from new developments and technolo gies one thing is especially important to us on our Flight 2025 namely all the people we meet on our journey around the world We re proud to have 17 sites in Europe and Asia in order to be in proximity to our customers wherever they are We ve invested in many locations to make our products even better our production processes more profitable and our work more attractive At each of these destinations we ve found a new home and new friends We re glad to have you with us on our journey and we hope to keep working together with you to conquer new frontiers So maybe next time you see a loose sheet of paper lying around fold it to a paper airplane send it on its way and think of us Warm regards and have a pleasant trip Yours truly THE KUNERT FAMILY on behalf of the entire team

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