cores 2 450 mm or longer could not be transported to the roll slitter by our paper core transport system any more At the time we had to sort out and dispose of many many cores The cores were bending so much that the clamping chucks of the slitter couldn t clamp the cores any more leading to interruptions in production The reason for this was the extremely dry climate in the winter months How was it to work with Paul Co on the solution to this problem and what did you do to support the process of developing their ClimateCores In Paul Co we ve found a partner who is always ready to lend an ear when we have problems In spring of 2017 after a short phone call Mr Müller Head of Sales and Mr Schmitt Head of R D came to our premises to get information on the problem on site During the summer months we had no difficulties In the 2017 2018 winter season the problem cropped up again Then Paul Co started investigating to find the reason for the problem They came to our premises and with our help examined and measured a newly delivered batch of cores The new cores were equipped with data recorders that documented the humidity and temperature during transport until they were put into use How did the testing phase of the ClimateCore proceed with respect to the product quality customer service expertise and consulting of Paul Co and what did you learn with regard to the use of paper cores at your plant When we received the first trial delivery of ClimateCores we were satisfied with everything Can you talk about your experience using the ClimateCores over the entire course of last winter Last winter we consulted with Mr Schmitt from Paul Co before briefly switching to our W1 quality cores at the end of April We had transmitted our weather data to Paul Co and after everyone thought it was a good idea we switched to summer quality Once the delivery arrived it quickly became apparent that we hadn t waited long enough The outer cores went banana shaped immediately due to another change in the weather The next winter is just around the corner Have you decided about using ClimateCores Yes we re set on using ClimateCores to avoid the problem We plan to monitor the air humidity in our paper core storage and consult with Paul Co before deciding on which quality to use

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