Consulting by telephone for a machine manufacturer in need of specifications for paper cores that fit his system perfectly in order to maximise the performance of the overall process Internal benchmark comparisons Examination of paper cores and analysis of samples from the competitors Customer visit A customer has problems during the winding process They bring us their sample foil roll for examination and assessment They want to know our experts opinions on winding technology and avoiding flaws during winding Possible measures adjusting the winding curve Perhaps switching to K cores from Paul Co Consultation about K cores Its special structure allows the K core to absorb large radial forces from wound plastic films and thus withstands stresses better and for longer Consultation with sales team A customer requires a custom tailored core for a very specific application The development team advises sales on the technical possibilities and discusses possible solutions Visit of a system supplier for online measurement Information exchange regarding possibilities for quality assurance e g automatic optical recognition of special core contours in our running production processes The tasks are just as various as the daily challenges Success involves recognising the right idea and how to implement it planning and steering development projects making the most effective use of resources and finding the perfect solution for any customer requirement These around the clock COMPETITION SALESPURCHASING LABORATORY PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT MACHINE MANUFACTURES COSTUMER APPLICATION PRODUCTION TESTING PAUL CO DEVELOPMENT

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