In Germany according to forwarding merchants about 60 000 additional professional lorry drivers are needed Germany and Europe are on the brink of a collapse of supply lines We just can t find any new drivers said Dirk Engelhardt board spokesman of BGL the German association of road haulage logistics and waste disposal in Berlin MORE APPRECIATION WILL BE A DECIDING FACTOR Accordingly the well being of all of those who drive for us is of special concern to us With this in mind we ve invested considerable sums to completely refit and remodel the logistics systems of our headquarters in Wildflecken Germany New through lanes for lorries and efficient loading zones were created and the parking area was expanded considerably to accommodate weekend stays as well Further there are new showers and a canteen for drivers Loading and unloading are accomplished entirely by internal plant staff This re arrangement reflects our focus on logistics as a complement to professional production and the corresponding customer service said Reinhard Zeug Head of Logistics at Paul Co We work side by side with our forwarding companies renowned and highly reliable partners to develop logistics solutions each year WE PROVIDE TRANSPARENCY THROUGHOUT THE SUPPLY CHAIN Highly efficient logistics mechanisms are a normal part of our daily work They ensure reliability and punctuality of our deliveries The effects of our supply chain management extend far beyond the boundaries of our own company premises providing all participants in our processes with the transparency needed for planning To make our supply chain as streamlined as possible we ve implemented measures in all of our plants to reduce the time spent loading and unloading to an absolute minimum Intelligent warehousing systems efficient dispatching and ERP management and a comprehensive yard system allow all vehicles to be loaded at Paul Co and sent on their way to our customers within an hour APPRECIATION IS A MATTER CLOSE TO OUR HEART

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