KU NE RT LO OK PA GE 38 02 D EV EL OP IN G T HE FU TU RE Logistics is an extremely diverse field and it is currently the focus of very much attention from economic interests The world of logistics changes almost daily with changes to legal transport regulations development of selected logistics markets and progress of national infrastructure projects The significance of logistics for internal company processes and delivery reliability will only increase in the years to come LOGISTICS IN MOTION INTERVIEW WITH KLAUS STÄBLEIN MANAGING DIRECTOR OF GEIS GLOBAL LOGISTICS IN BAD NEUSTADT GERMANY The logistics segment has become an innovator in its own right with digital considerations forming the starting point of any new process planning To what degree have the processes in your daily work been digitised Innovative solutions and the digitisation of processes are opening up great new prospects for gaining a competitive edge Amongst other measures we got started early on expanding our IT department Today we have more than 25 employees developing and optimising software solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers and our own system These intelligent tools connect our customers and our forwarding systems via individualised interfaces The working environment of the lorry driving profession has become considerably more complex What are the stress factors and what can customers and recipients do to support the delivery process Above all the drivers wish to be treated with respect If that wish were taken to heart by all of the participants in the supply chain it would already be a significant improvement But an even greater stress factor for drivers is the increasing time pressure This has many causes For one customers need their ordered goods on ever shorter notice And of course we have to think economically which requires at least 20 stops per daily delivery run Today our world is not only more globalised it also demands ever faster cycle times Furthermore there s optimisation potential with regard to the organisation of incoming and outgoing goods If you take Paul Co as an example you might plan your processes to minimise turnaround times and thus prevent your drivers from having to wait around We ve been working on constantly improving our processes for a long time now Amongst other measures we re steadily modernising our vehicle fleet and installing assistance systems As a result we re creating workplaces that improve drivers well being and provide a maximum of safety and comfort

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