KU NE RT LO OK PA GE 30 02 D EV EL OP IN G T HE FU TU RE Sensitive materials such as textiles fabrics and non wovens place great demands on winding cores The weight of the wound goods exerts considerable force on the cores and they require wrinkle free winding The most demanding products include both fine textile fabrics as well as special films and foils materials for vehicle interior insulation and synthetic leather for many applications Parallel wound cores are characterised by higher breaking strength in axial direction This is particularly important due to the fact that textile fabrics do not help stiffen the core like paper and films do In the textile and non woven industry they re a long established and indispensable component of efficient winding processes Our cores are available with axially applied double sided adhesive tape for instant adherence of the fabric and wrinkle free initial winding Our convolute cores with wound on flap under which the textile is inserted are particularly efficient The flap allows for a smooth transition to the beginning of the fabric Our production area in Wildflecken has been completely remodelled in order to optimise production processes with a focus on quality and packaging We set the benchmark with regard to efficiency and quality in Europe A STRONG STATEMENT FOR CONVOLUTE CORES CONVOLUTE CORES THE STRONG BROTHER

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