KU NE RT LO OK PA GE 24 01 O UR CO MP AN Y Our plant in Breitenau Austria produces around 14 000 tonnes of paper cores and edge protectors annually in outstanding quality This location supplies the markets in Austria Czech Republic Slovenia Macedonia Bosnia and Croatia Paul Co Austria is a company with a long tradition known for its continuity and high customer satisfaction since 1972 In 1993 the company and its 140 employees became part of our Kunert Group Energy and energy efficiency play a major role in the manufacture of our products and have become a matter of personal importance for all our employees SYSTEMATIC ENERGY SAVING MEASURES ARE JOINTLY DEVELOPED AND ARE IMPLEMENTED ACROSS ALL BUSINESS DIVISIONS For us efficient energy management includes regular measurement and monitoring of the energy consumption of our plants and processes Whether purchasing production maintenance or investments WE ARE CONSISTENTLY COMMITTED TO THE ECONOMICAL USE OF ENERGY Recently the energy supply of the Breitenau plant was converted from gas to bioenergy With us you can always be sure We produce in a sustainable energy and eco friendly way PAUL CO AUSTRIA EXPORT CENTRE FOR THE BALKANS

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