KU NE RT LO OK PA GE 22 01 O UR CO MP AN Y STATE OF THE ART PRODUCTION PLANT FOR ANGULAR EDGE PROTECTORS KUNERT PEITING OUR EDGE PROTECTOR PRODUCTS ARE SUITABLE FOR AUTOMATIC FEEDING AND MADE 100 FROM ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY RECYCLED PAPER We specialise in unusual product variants in the area of angular edge protectors This means that we can provide our customers with ideal solutions for product safety and load securing The skilled employees of our plant in Peiting Germany guarantee our customers outstanding custom tailored quality and first class technology The Peiting plant has upgraded its production capacity with cutting edge technology The new production system is the most modern system currently available on the market One priority of our edge protector production is to maximise production efficiency while allowing outstanding and customisable characteristics The Peiting plant serves the rising demand for high quality designs with particularly high strength We are capable of satisfying all manner of custom specific requirements by virtue of the fact that we source our paper from company owned paper mills This means for example that we can produce standard qualities of 5 mm thickness also in 3 mm but still with the same strength factors The benefits speak for themselves more products per pallet less freight volume Our edge protectors are suitable for automatic feeding using magazines All of our edge protector products are made 100 from environment friendly recycled paper In addition to angular edge protectors our Peiting plant also manufactures paper cores for the paper and films and foils industry We here at Paul Co aim to increase the capacity and productivity of our plants in order to continue to supply our customers with high quality products secure the reliability and cost effectiveness of our products and strengthen our production capacity in Germany

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