PAUL CO 2025 TECHNOLOGIES THAT WILL CHANGE THE FUTURE We think and work in competence networks associations work groups and international cooperative efforts Contemporary environmental tasks and digital development processes always have a place on our agenda OUR INNOVATION IS DRIVEN BY OUR AMBITION TO DEVELOP SOLUTIONS TODAY FOR THE PROBLEMS OF TOMORROW Constant monitoring ensures the quality parameters of our products at every step of the manufacturing process Highly productive and robust manufacturing guarantees the delivery reliability of our products WITH MANUFACTURING PLANTS IN EUROPE AND ASIA WE RE ALWAYS CLOSE BY ALL OVER THE WORLD Our employees enrich us with their expertise commitment and ideas They form the foundation for the outstanding quality of our products our innovation power and our excellent customer service That s one reason why we look after our most important resource our staff with the same dedication with which we act sustainably in the interests of the environment 250 000 TONNES OF CORE BOARD PER YEAR 17 SITES IN EUROPE AND ASIA 92 000 TONNES OF CORRUGATED PAPER PACKAGING PER YEAR THE KUNERT GROUP

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