KU NE RT LO OK PA GE 58 ED UC AT IO N FOR OUR TRAINEE ENERGY SCOUTS BEST IN CLASS THIRD PLACE VERY GOOD Tobias Rüttiger has just finished his training to be an industry management clerk During his training his outstanding performance got his trainers notice He finished at the top of his class with a sensational 1 2 grade average Certificates of achievement were given to him by the Jakob Preh School as well as the government of the district of Lower Franconia From us he received a job to keep his expertise in the company Josef Vorndran Department Manager of Controlling Tobias Rüttiger HR Manager Gerardo del Rio Romero Energy scouts point the way in confusing times Can trainees do it Yes indeed Trainees are only entitled to call themselves energy scout trainees if they ve fi nished a qualifi cation course on energy effi ciency and planned energy effi ciency measures in their training companies Our trainees Moritz Bühner Silvan Kober Konstantin Metz and Tobias Rüttiger reached third place The team investigated how replacing the lights in their training plant could help reduce electricity costs by 70 percent We re proud to see such energy in the name of climate protection The Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Würzburg Schweinfurt recently recognised the best projects of energy scout trainees in all of Mainfranken region

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