KU NE RT LO OK PA GE 56 ED UC AT IO N The Kunert Group is a family enterprise so passing on values to the next generation is an essential part of who we are That s why we not only depend on our loyal long standing employees but also need enthusiastic newcomers who are eager to learn After all our specialist knowledge is one of our most precious resources We see training specialists as being a part of our responsibility to society It also contributes to our securing qualified employees in the future That s one reason we invest heavily in rewarding company loyalty We regard our trainees as guaranteeing reliable quality as tomorrow s brand ambassadors Gerardo del Rio Romero Director of Human Resources Paul Co The benefits go to our employees to our company and to our customers of course So in addition to vocational school our trainees benefit from an internal training program specifically tailored to our skills and the core of our business In seminars and on field trips employees of the Kunert Group train them in particular subjects These additional resources do more than just pass on knowledge They also help us find the perfect specialism for every trainee and the perfect spot in the Kunert Group for every specialist Multiple distinctions for training matters are a testament to our commitment as are our trainees themselves who have themselves been distinguished Here are some of many success stories WITH DISTINCTION TRAINING AT THE KUNERT GROUP

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