KU NE RT LO OK PA GE 54 PR OD UC TS C orr ug ate d c ard bo ard MADE FOR THE STREET DISCARD CONVENTION TAKE IDEAS FURTHER IMPROVE THE PRODUCT There s only one way to prove one s skill and that is to use it Marie von Ebner Eschenbach To be a good developer is to love a good challenge It takes a capacity for lateral thinking for fi nding novel ways and means for questioning established patterns There s always an ideal solution and fi nding it is a developer s bread and butter As our developers consistently prove Kunert Wellpappe can provide that ideal solution They prove it by doing it Passion and enthusiasm are two of the cornerstones of success Our developers carefully examine all aspects of the task at hand from the wishes of the customer to the requirements of the intended application And when personal interest comes into the mix the ideas start bubbling over That s how it was when it was time to completely re think transport packaging for bicycles To take something already well established and simplify it improve it or develop it further takes a lot of commitment and thinking outside the box but the challenge is its own motivation It s not just a question of developing a solution That solution also has to be implemented in production and logistics

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