To get this new perspective on things often takes more room While some companies rely on purpose built idea workshops and spend a lot of effort remodelling the architecture and furnishings of their facilities Kunert Wellpappe took a different approach We asked ourselves Can we design an innovative room in a room that s easy to build and that in the process encourages creative thinking To find out the answer the developers of today got together with the developers of tomorrow For one of their classes students of civil and environmental engineering at the Darmstadt University of Technology created a clever dome structure that incorporates all of the best attributes of corrugated cardboard as a construction material And these young creators were surprised to find out something that our engineers already know that it unifies flexibility and strength versatility and load bearing capacity The individual parts of the pavilion consisted of geometric shapes that were folded and connected to each other The resulting structure was a filigree of surprising robustness a room in a room transparent and yet unmistakably differentiated from the space around it This was the advent of the Real Lounge a mobile creative space and a practical portable change of scenery TO GET AWAY FROM THE WALLS IN YOUR HEAD TRY DOING AWAY WITH THE WALLS OF YOUR ROOM Maximilian Rühl

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