Strength sturdiness and stackability are the qualities demanded of transport packaging today With its great ideas for sturdy packaging Kunert Wellpappe is already creating future facing solutions for tomorrow while also optimising proven products And we add another S to the list making packaging that s strong sturdy stackable and safe Safety is of paramount importance It takes smart ideas to deliver maximum transport and workplace safety and also to use natural resources responsibly and thereby secure our future Safety first was also the mission given to us by a global player in the field or refrigerator technology They wanted us to find a solution for packaging a 400 kilogramme compressor part of a refrigeration system for overseas shipping What s more since multiple units were to be shipped together the outer packaging had to be stackable and sturdy enough to withstand the weight A SOLID CONCEPT Where before the heavy compressor units were packaged in wood reinforced cardboard boxes for shipping Kunert Wellpappe managed to develop a single material design that gets the job done Dispensing with the wooden parts we created a new shipping box that s just as robust and made entirely of recycling friendly paper The strength of it comes from triple walled corrugated cardboard and a stabilising inner corrugated board assembly that can take the weight without buckling THE FOUR S WORDS The new transport box delivers strength sturdiness stackability and safety And it s not just the safety and protection of the product that concerns us It s also about the employees who package and handle the product Where the old wooden reinforcements had to be fixed in place using a nail gun the new box requires nothing more than folding Not only is it faster but it also obviates the risk of workplace accidents A PILLAR OF STRENGTH TRANSPORT PACKAGING FOR 400 KILOGRAMMES

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