KU NE RT LO OK PA GE 46 PR OD UC TS C orr ug ate d c ard bo ard MOVING THE MOOVER Unique products demand unique packaging so the solution the customer expected of our design team for their Moover was to be literally the perfect fit Savile Row rather than off the rack Our packaging was custom tailored to the product and its logistical requirements LESS IS MORE Less material required Less space needed Lower costs Our compact packaging takes just a few moments to set up The padding is simply popped into the packaging and fixed in place at pre stamped locations This eliminates the need for adhesives Perfectly conforming to the lines of the product the padding allows safe shipping of multiple scooters on a single pallet To enable shipping of individual units by wholesalers we constructed an additional cushion for the footboard And since nowadays modern also means sustainable our bespoke scooter suit padding and all consists largely of cardboard allowing easy environment friendly disposal Once recycled the packaging materials are back in circulation A TAILOR MADE SUIT FOR TRANSPORTED GOODS Green manoeuvrable flexible the new electric scooter from Metz mecatech is all of these No surprise then that it s taking the big cities by storm But before this ultra modern device could start redefining the concept of urban mobility it had to be made itself mobile The profile of requirements for transport packaging for this novel machine included the following It had to be lightweight fit for express shipping individually printable and easy to handle and dispose of The developers at Kunert Wellpappe created a custom packaging solution that s just as green manoeuvrable and flexible as the scooter itself

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