RFID CORES ARE REVOLUTIONISING LOGISTICS ALSO FOR HYGIENE PRODUCTS SMART CORES FOR SMART VALUE CREATION CHAINS The abbreviation RFID stands for radio frequency identifi cation This technology allows products to network with devices in their surroundings A so called RFID tag attached to the product stores data which can be updated at any time using radio signals This technology provides some decisive advantages over the much more common practice of bar coding RFID tags are built into the cores RFID tags can be decoded by a reader device without requiring physical contact or even line of sight Furthermore an RFID reader can read numerous tags simultaneously which is a huge benefi t for tracking containerised goods for example This makes logistics processes much more effi cient and is the reason why RFID technology is considered the state of the art in automatic identifi cation RFID tags are used in many different roles along the value creation chain including labelling tracking warehousing sales and others WHAT IS RFID K n o w h o w KU NE RT LO OK PA GE 42 PR OD UC TS P ap er co res

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