STANDARD OR CUSTOM IT S SAFE PACKAGING THAT MATTERS Whether it s a conventional shape or custom tailored to fi t the product packaging from Kunert Wellpappe will keep your product innovations safe and sound High quality corrugated cardboard can provide any product with rugged protection on the road and in the warehouse The raw materials are cheap and recyclable a perfect combination for any start up concerned about saving costs and cultivating its image CLEAN LINES AND A CLEAR PROFILE It s important for the image of a young company and its product to be clearly differentiated from the competition To this end looking different is a great advantage Any packaging can be designed and printed to custom making the product more unique and boosting its recognition value Barbecuing is all the rage right now But gone are the days of simply throwing some sausages onto the grill true grill masters tinker with subtle shades of fl avour using marinades rubs and wood smoking chips The intense fl avours that come from smoke curing make all the difference which is what makes it one of the high arts of the barbecuing craft Depending on the dish it may demand either hot smoking for a few hours in the smoker or cold smoking at low temperatures for signifi cantly longer The trick and challenge of cold smoking is keeping up the supply of cold smoke To make this easier two enthusiasts developed their own generator and began selling it online To ship the Smo King from their own online store all they needed was a bit of bubble wrap and a box When they started receiving inquiries from hardware stores regarding their cold smoker however it became clear that they needed new packaging something functional elegant and optimised for retail It was another case for the developers at Kunert Wellpappe for which they designed and implemented a solution customised for the Smo King and ready for serial production With a pre perforated outer shell and a protective corrugated cardboard insert the new packaging comes in three sizes to suit the different models and can be found in many stores Fit for a king SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE

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