KU NE RT LO OK PA GE 40 PR OD UC TS C orr ug ate d c ard bo ard If the idea is good why not run with it Taking action instead of just talking about it has always been one of the Kunert Group s maxims This enthusiasm this energy and conviction of start ups is supposed to rub off on people and make them love the product Kunert Wellpappe helps to make this possible and not just in getting product onto the shelves Even if successful shipping and perfect packaging are where the production chain ends Kunert Wellpappe knows that the logistics planning begins much earlier and can be a challenge To get their lovely products safely onto store shelves and into customers hands many start ups turn to us They re looking for and find an experienced partner with the expertise and a custom tailored packaging solution to fit any innovation Kunert Wellpappe is only too happy to share the enthusiasm for fresh new ideas We do whatever it takes to help young companies get off to a good start A NEW BROOM SWEEPS CLEAN GETTING INVOLVED WITH START UPS PACKAGING THE LATEST IDEAS One example of how a young company might benefit from the knowledge of an experienced partner comes from the Rhön region of Germany Here a start up was founded based on the novel idea of the Wunderbesen Wonder Broom a broom that releases copper ions during sweeping in order to lastingly combat weeds and other unwelcome green growing things Thanks to this innovative new idea strenuous weeding of pavement cracks in terraces is a thing of the past But how best to package this world premiere for shipping That s the question the inventors of the Wunderbesen asked the specialists at Kunert Wellpappe And they had the answer In addition to individual packaging for the head of each broom for use in the start up s online store the developers at Kunert Wellpappe also designed a clever folding box that holds ten brooms To allow easy loading and safe shipping to discounters and building centres the box conforms to the dimensions of a euro pallet A tear strip attached to the inside of the box allows the top part of the packaging to be neatly removed instantly turning the rest of the box into a small sales display

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