FOOD PRODUCTS IN SAFE HANDS It s of essential importance and in the interest of everyone that food products be handled responsibly If there s even the shadow of a doubt it s the obligation of all of us to investigate even the least irregularity In 2009 a laboratory of the Swiss canton of Zurich examining chocolate from Advent calendars detected elevated levels of mineral oil constituents These were supposed to have come from the box and been transferred into the chocolate To this day the discussion continues between politicians industries and the public Even now no legal provision has ever been adopted to serve as a guideline for responsible handling of mineral oil residues The latest development is the fourth draft of the so called mineral oil act by the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture in which for the fi rst time a permissible limit is placed on the migration of hydrocarbons into food products The subject is not an easy one considering that in the interests of the environment a large part of the paper and cardboard packaging made today is based on recycled paper This results in mineral oil based hydrocarbons so called MOSH and MOAH getting into circulation largely due to mineral oil components of printing inks Since recovered paper is traded across our globalised world a general solution to the problem hardly seems possible This calls for innovative practical solutions and products that ensure maximum safety Paul Co has been working on this issue for a number of years now In addition to doing tests of our own we also commissioned independent studies The result that came out of the process is a paper core with multifunctional barrier layers that have been proven to prevent 80 percent of hydrocarbon migration into the materials wound onto it This beats the MOAH limit value proposed in the fourth draft of the federal legislation mentioned above by a signifi cant margin even in the unrealistic event that the remaining percentage is transferred in its entirety to the wound goods and from there to the food products BARRIER LAYERS AGAINST MIGRATION OF MOSH MOAH A limit for MOSH is no longer specifi ed in the current draft because MOSH can occur in many substances even in nature

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