Nowadays modern paper mills order paper cores in lengths that approximately match the width of their paper machines The largest paper machines currently require cores ten metres or more in length That hasn t been a problem for Paul Co in years In precisely defi ned processes the cores are dried inspected and then shipped in packaging units perfectly coordinated with the customer s needs for further processing purposes Above all the monitoring ensures that the cores are perfectly round and straight Particularly in winter warping of the cores kept making them diffi cult to work with for paper factories For Paul Co this was the cue to investigate the phenomenon to try to develop a sustainable solution In close cooperation with paper manufacturers we investigated the problem step by step We precisely monitored the resting times of cores in the lorries during transport and tried out all manner of variations on the common packing units and packaging But optimisations that resulted still weren t good enough for Paul Co There had to be another more fundamental reason Of course we already knew that climatic and atmospheric conditions are very important for paper products including our paper cores Careful inspections of paper cores that had spent a long time in customer warehouses in combination with painstaking climate measurements brought about the decisive breakthrough While the cores had been shipped with a low moisture content just as specifi ed only a few days later conditions were observed at the customer s location that were drier than had ever been thought possible The arid climate of winter had entered the halls of the paper mills The best of packaging only protected the cores until they were unpacked and placed in the PAPER CORES FOR DEMANDING APPLICATIONS IN PAPER MILLS WINTER IS COMING THE NEW CLIMATE CORE KU NE RT LO OK PA GE 34 PR OD UC TS P ap er co res

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