Editorial 4 OUR COMPANY A Look Into Our Photo Album 6 Family Company 8 Our Investments 12 Hülsenfabrik Lenzhard Acquires Cartub AG 18 How We Survey Our World 20 Converting 4 0 Interview 26 PRODUCTS Anti Slip Cores 28 Packaging for Wound Goods 30 The New Climate Cores 34 The Round And The Square Thing 36 MOSH MOAH Food Protection 39 Start up I Wonder Broom 40 Start up II Smo King 41 RFID Cores 42 Paper Core Quality 44 E Scooter Packaging 46 A Pillar Of Strength 47 Edge Protectors 48 Room in a Room Student Project 50 Sealed Beverage Crate 52 Developer Story 54 EDUCATION Distinctions In The Kunert Group 56 SOCIETY A Visit From The KINDER UNI 60 Sparkasse City Run 2018 62 Merck Company Run RhönEnergie Challenge 63 Our New LOOK 64 Imprint 65 CONTENTS 30NOMINATED FOR THE INNOVATION AWARD

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