LET S TALK EFFICIENCY FOR MAKERS OF NON WOVEN FABRICS Plenty of companies place an emphasis on maintaining a lively dialogue with their customers Paul Co does too And as the AR core Anti Rutsch German for Anti Slip demonstrates this member of the Kunert Group translates its customer communications directly into innovation Just talking is not enough It s also important to be able to listen With this wisdom you have a good chance to hit the nerve of the market with product ideas That s what happened with the AR core which represents the real needs of a non woven fabric producer The challenge The embossed cores he used caused damage to the highly sensitive product over the last few centimeters An important and valuable impulse The team immediately began to develop a new paper core specifi cally for non woven fabrics The result is a novelty with a monetary benefi t for customers the new AR cores are characterised by a roughened surface to which the fabric adheres Thus AR cores enable automatic splicing on the machines fl ying splice and additionally make it possible for the fabric to be unwound from the core without damage and without residue We succeeded in developing a real alternative to cores with surface embossing that meets the need for effi ciency Transforming communication directly into innovation that s a good reason to keep talking Paul Co keeps listening to develop solutions that add value increase effi ciency and serve the actual needs of the industry KU NE RT LO OK PA GE 28 PR OD UC TS P ap er co res

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