Mr Nowak CONVERTING 4 0 represents the basis for a partner network for representing the entire value creation chain in the area of winding and cutting technology What exactly does that mean The network brings all of the participants in the value creation chain together from mechanical engineers and their various suppliers to fi lm and foil producers and converters all the way to the IT segment It allows each of those participants to openly contribute their ideas wishes require ments and expectations with regard to the topic of digitisation of processes As a paper core ma nufacturer we re primarily a partner and sup plier to the fi lm and foil producers and converters but we also cooperate closely with the mechanical engineering to supply processes with high quality paper cores How do you and your customers profi t from the network How does Paul Co contribute to in creasing the effi ciency This means we re very close to and active in the forward looking developments in the area of converting so we can tailor our products to suit With our transponder cores we re already providing our customers with proven future facing products The integrated data storage carries all signifi cant information relating to the processing of a fi lm or foil roll Since the paper core and its RFID chip remain safe and protected in the roll any information needed remains accessible until the last metre of fi lm or foil has been unwound This is a signifi cant contribution to the effi ciency of the process A network based on dialogue and free fl ow of information Don t such collaborations carry the risk of losing a competitive edge in information or exposing internal business secrets Without dialogue and exchange of information digitisation processes can t proceed If everyone just tries to develop their own isolated solutions then linking up any processes outside the home plant becomes diffi cult almost impossible Paul Co sets great store in close trusting and open cooperation with its many customers and partners This has brought many decades of success in overcoming challenges and serving the needs of our customers The network is built for growth Whom would you like to have as a platform partner Since I m a fi rm believer that people drive development and optimise processes with their ideas I would be very pleased if more fi lm and foil producers and converters joined the network This would let us learn and understand more about how the various requirements for paper cores change depending on the particular product Digitisation is a topic that seems to occupy Paul Co above and beyond CONVERTING 4 0 What else do you have planned in that fi eld At the moment we re concerned with introducing a uniform IT system in all of the paper core plants in the group This will help us boost effi ciency and optimise processes in our administration and production letting us improve on the quality of our products even more We re also ready for new challenges in the area of transponder cores Thank you very much for the interview All the best for the future

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