KU NE RT LO OK PA GE 18 OU R CO MP AN Y The Kunert Group considers itself a network of expertise it creates synergies by making connections between competencies At the beginning of this year another company brought its expertise to the group Cartub AG a Swiss maker of fi bre drums and cardboard spools as well as of trapeziform and L shaped profi les in the fi eld of edge protectors This new addition to the Kunert Group s portfolio not only brings expertise but also helps secure the future of the Switzerland location Switzerland is no easy location for industry at the moment The Kunert Group took the initiative by uniting Cartub AG with Hülsenfabrik Lenzhard At the beginning of this year Hülsenfabrik Lenzhard took over the operations of its former competitor without a single job being cut This doubled not only the company s number of employees but also its expertise bringing benefi ts for the company and its customers alike SECURE THE FUTURE CREATE SYNERGY FOSTER EXPERTISE HÜLSENFABRIK LENZHARD ACQUIRES CARTUB AG

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